Getting Creative Ideas As an Entrepreneur

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Often times, ideas come in the least expected places. Remember, the day, you were in the shower and an idea popped into your sub-conscious. That’s the creative mind in play and guess what….this happens to everyone. However, only few mortals transform the idea from the sub-conscious into reality. Almost all do not even bother to write the idea down in a notebook or tablet….How sad…

Flashes of inspiration abound around us every day. Remember, the famous but hardly thought out adage… ’Necessity is the mother of invention’. In Lagos alone….the myriads of problems around us seeking solutions are nothing but an inventor’s dream. Extending the thought to the entire Nigerian landscape is nothing but awesome.

Offices, airports, bus stops, public buses, taxis, markets, salons, barber’s shops, malls, cinemas, radio are all very good sources of business ideas. I mean ideas that can literally transform a generation. Countless individuals have found ideas the kitchen, toilets, bed rooms and even in dreams.

So why not decide today to take a different approach to issues. Write those ideas down on a piece of paper…a note book or better still type it into one of those productivity applications in your device. That phone device you use most likely has a camera function built into it so why not take pictures of things and events that stand out around you.

Take a leap of faith and start researching into the idea. The internet provides an envious tool to search for almost everything and anything under the sun. Do not be afraid to ask questions. Talk to trusted friends and family members and sound them out on their thoughts about your new idea. Their responses will create new pointers and avenues to explore to bring your idea to fruition.

Needless to say, that’s all that’s needed to change the world around you.

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