5 Things Nigerian Businesses Should Avoid When Seeking Government Contracts

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Getting a government contract doesn’t come easy. It’s like a hot cake that is very high in demand, and everybody wants a piece of it. It’s a known fact that doing business with the government can take your business to the next level.

However, in the midst of the rush for these contracts, businesses in Nigeria make certain mistakes that could increase their chances of getting these contracts, if avoided.

Contract Signing - Nigerian BusinessesIn Nigeria, most contractors apply for contracts without understanding the criteria and eligibility for the contracts. Don’t apply for a contract blindly because you are in hurry to get it. You should ensure that you have the requirements for the procurement of the contract as this will increase your chances of getting it.

Government contracts involve lots of money. And as such, can only be given to businesses that are stable, and have good track records. It’s “unprofessional” to apply for a government contract when you don’t have good records of your business. Your business may not necessarily be the biggest in town, but you have to show excellent records that you have been able to manage it well, and worthy of managing a government contract.

Failure to carry out market research is common with Nigerian businesses looking for government contracts. If you want to be considered the right man or woman for the contract, then you have to prove that you truly know everything about the contract. You should be able to make a logical argument while bidding for the contract.

Getting involved in a government contract that isn’t suitable for your businesses will put your business at risk. Nigerian businesses need to understand that every contract is not for every contractor. You should have area(s) of specialization, in order not to bite more than you can chew.

Don’t underestimate the competition. The position of the competition can either make or mar your chances of getting the contract. It’s important to weigh the competition, in order to be sure that you are on track. However, you shouldn’t underbid simply because the competition is doing so.

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