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Truppr, a fitness app that connects people with fitness events around them in Africa is having its first Truppr run event in Nairobi, Kenya. Every month, thousands of people across 11 cities in Africa, lace up their shoes and gather for the Truppr Run and this month, Nigeria’s biggest fitness brand, Truppr, will be having Truppr Run in Nairobi for the first time.

TrupprRun is a fun 5KM run where participants run for various reasons; fitness, healthy or fun. People of various fitness levels are encouraged to sign up and run at their own pace or even walk as the Truppr Run is not a competitive race but a way of encouraging people stay healthy and live an active life by exercising. Participants will get free performance shirts and the fee to attend this event is free.

Truppr is a social startup that provides a platform for a vibrant community of fitness enthusiasts to connect with events and people around them to help make regular exercise a lifestyle.

To participate in this awesome run all you need to do is sign up on the app (www.truppr.com/download) or www.truppr.com/5krun

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