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Dreams are the fledglings of reality; ideas are the fledglings of success. Ideas are not an exclusive preserve of a select entitled few… anyone is allowed to dream and ideas come from those who dare to dream. The non-exclusive nature of ideas makes it easy for different people to come up with the same idea at different times and in different places. The line that separates dreamers from achievers is not ideas, but ideas that have been acted upon.

So you have a really great idea? Nice! Is that all you want it to be….a really great idea OR, do you want to make it come alive

Here’s how to take your ideas from dreams to reality;

  • See It – This is the first step to reaching your goal. You can only work with what you can picture. Dream big and do not sell yourself short. It is said that, if your ideas don’t scare you, they probably aren’t big enough.
  • Share It – This is one of the hardest things to do. You are scared…you might tell the wrong person who might discourage you; tell you it is impossible to achieve; ridicule you or worse still; steal it from you. However, there is always someone, or some people who believe in you, and are ready to help you live your dream. When you share it, there is lesser chance of you backing out or leaving the idea to die without acting on it. The right people share in your ideas and spread it. They force you to move forward and take action.
  • Plan It – This is where you define your path. What steps do you have to take to turn your ideas into reality? At this point you need to streamline and focus on what is important. Reflect on where you are coming from; look around and see where you are right now; look ahead and see where you want to be. Draw up your mission statement and your vision statement; have a short term and a long term plan. A good plan helps you envision what is ahead and prepares you; it takes you from stage to stage, provides clarity and makes your workload easier and more structured.
  • Do It – This is the hardest part of it all; the point that separates dreamers from achievers. So you have it all planned out? JUST DO IT! Yes, take a plunge! Act! Your fears and insecurities are at their peaks at this point. You are afraid you might fail and prove your critics right. However, you never know until you try. Develop a positive mindset, be committed, stay organized and have courage.
  • Keep It And Improve – Congratulations! You finally took the big step! Your dreams have become real; however, it is not as good as you envisaged…not to worry, take it one step at a time. Remember; the light bulb worked after plenty failed trials. Just keep up your tempo and find ways to make it better. It takes time and sweat and hard work. Many are waiting for your failure and many are rooting for your success…which group would you rather disappoint? The end justifies the means – DON’T GIVE UP!
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