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The Security Manager is responsible for security operations at the Hotel. Under the general guidance and direction of the General Manager and or his delegate and within the limits of the established InterContinental Hotels policies and procedures, the Security Manager’s tasks are to oversee and direct all aspects of security and safety within the hotel.

Job Overview
Supervision of security personnel, detection of crime and investigations, enhancement of controls and safety procedures in the hotel.

Key relationships will include-
(i) Reports directly to and communicates with the General Manager on all pertinent matters and co-ordinates with the Director of HR and other Department Heads.
(ii) Supervises all the security personnel in the hotel.
(iii) Interacts with guests as well as individuals outside the Hotel including but not limited to law enforcement agencies, Government officials, other security and members of the community.
(iv) Undertakes safety audits, inspection and training as per IHC Crisis Response manual.

Duties and Responsibilities
1. Specific Responsibilities:-
1.1 Ensures protection of life and property of Hotel employees and guests.
1.2 Detects and prevents crime in the hotel.
1.3 Directs and supervises all security personnel.
1.4 To ensure Security Officers and Assistants arrives as rostered on time at their respective working station.
1.5 Liaises with Department Heads to ensure hotel staff are adhering to established security and safety procedures.
1.6 Liaises with the General Manager or Financial Controller to undertake regular undercover spot checks in various outlets.
1.7 Enforces controls of hotel properties in all departments i.e. Housekeeping, Laundry, Inter.Fitness Centre, F&B outlets, Engineering to ensure no hotel property is stolen.
1.8 Ensures all allegations of crime and other incidents are promptly investigated, recorded and recommendations made to the management between one and three days.
1.9 Co-ordinates with outside police agencies in the investigations and handling of crimes, accidents etc. involving the hotel employees and guests.
1.10 Regulates controls and maintains order of the contracted taxis and ensures that pirate taxis do not operate on the premises or the immediate surrounding of the hotel.
1.11 Prepares the daily incident reports and other inter-office memos.
1.12 Makes two monthly surprise visits, one late evening and one after mid-night, take corrective action as appropriate and makes a record of such visits in the Security Occurrence Book
1.13 Carry out monthly Terrorist Threat Risk assessment and general security surveys and take appropriate remedial action and advice the Crisis Response Team.
1.14 Trains all the hotel employees on all security procedures as per the Crisis Response Manual.
1.15 Ensures that the assembly points are well maintained and free from obstruction as required.
1.16 Ensure that major exits are properly manned and other exits not regularly used are securely locked and free from obstruction.
1.17 Trains the employees in the security department to conform to the established security standards.
1.18 Ensures that all guards are briefed and inspected to ensure proper grooming before reporting on duty.
1.19 Establishes comprehensive hotel key procedures and ensures its adherence
1.20 Is responsible for Lost and Found property deposited with the Security for safekeeping.
1.21 Ensures and enforces security controls i.e. searching employees, when leaving and during the course of duty during investigations.
1.22 Ensures safety of guests within the hotel premises and advises them on their safety while outside the hotel.
1.23 Inspects on a regular basis the security protective installations i.e. alarm systems, floor emergency exits to ensure free from obstruction.
1.24 Records or causes to be recorded in the book type of property taken out for repair, date out, person responsible, place taken to and date returned.
1.25 Ensures hotel guests are not harassed by undesirable persons within the hotel and its immediate surroundings
1.26 Ensures compliance with fire, safety and emergency procedures.
1.27 Maintains effective employee relations.
1.28 Ensures that property taken out for Outside Catering is counted and certified by both Banquet and Stewarding and is returned. Investigates discrepancies. Ensure similar controls for other forms of hotel property taken out.
1.29 Ensures that visitors are well screened before being issued with visitors’ cards and that cards are returned at the time visitor leaves. Scrutinizes the visitor before issuing and ensures that they are returned at the time visitor leaves.
1.30 Controls and regulates motor traffic both at the front and back of the house.
1.31 Maintains order in the Lobby by ensuring that no unauthorized business takes place and ensures that guests are afforded comfort.
1.32 Ensures that all vehicles entering the hotel are searched before being allowed entry to the hotel.
1.33 Reports to the General Manager immediately of any customer complaints.
1.34 Performs any other related duties or projects as requested by management.
1.35 Assists colleagues in lawful custody as per Policy

2. General Responsibilities
2.1 Answers both external and internal telephone calls in accordance with the hotel standards.
2.2 Reports at the work on time.
2.3 Promotes efficiency, confidence, courtesy and high standard of skills at all times.
2.4 Portrays a pleasant personality and a positive attitude at all times.
2.5 Necessitates and promotes inter-departmental relationships.
2.6 Ensures that guest complaints are solved promptly and appropriately.
2.7 Be completely conversant with all hotel facilities and services and to promote the same.
2.8 Be completely conversant with and adhere to the hotel’s short and long term marketing promotions.
2.9 Be completely conversant with and adhere to departmental standards and procedures.
2.10 Be completely conversant with and adhere to the Hotel’s environmental policy.
2.11 Should not perform duties under the influence of any drugs which have negative influence on performance.
2.12 Reports any equipment failures to their supervisors.
2.13 Participates in any training/development schemes as required by management.
2.14 Be completely conversant with and adhere to Hotel’s security procedures.
2.15 Be completely conversant with and adhere to Hotel Crisis Response Manual and other established safety procedures.
2.16 Be completely conversant with and adhere to the Hotel’s health and safety policy and procedures
2.17 Be fully conversant with and adhere to the Hotel’s evacuation procedures.

Position : Security Manager
Department : A&G
Reporting to : General Manager

Risk Management & Security

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